Stock Market

Stock management and trading software along with software for investment and financial transactions for both individuals and enterprises. This software is designed and developed for the market place to cover order management and matching, clearing and settlement as well as monitoring transaction performance and delivery of securities. It enhances risk management while providing real-time data analysis and surveillance along with full reports.

This software may be customized and integrated into other resources for a complete business solution.

Transaction Performance

With this software, traders can look up quotes in real-time while facilitating electronic trading. Also provides holding and settlement of various stocks and securities.


Part of the solution includes Clearing to protect those who engage in transactions while maintaining integrity of the contracts which are executed through the platform. Membership is granted to each member in Clearing.

Services with the Clearing Division allow customers to limit and manage risk while establishing relationships with Partners and Agents. Clearing acts as the intermediary in every transaction by playing the part of the buyer for the seller and the seller for every buyer.

Benefits of a Central Clearing Environment

• There is a neutral party to each transaction with neutral risk management
• Transparency is achieved through market metrics and pricing along with risk management and financial safeguards
• Security is obtained through the system to mitigate risk


Through settlement, the parties are able to manage risk for all trading strategies. Solutions are provided for pre-trade risk validation, which include the following:

• Maximum order size
• Maximum position size
• Buying power factor
• Buying power
• Allowances and restrictions
• Ability to reject all incoming orders

Pre-Trade Solutions:


Solution allows users to access historical data of transactions almost in real-time with some of the most flexible delivery methods.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

This software uses sophisticated methodology that provides analysis of various what-if scenarios for the market.

Post-Trade Solutions:

Stream Direct

Software allows post-trade flows direction

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

This program monitors the compliance of the trades with regulations

More than 50 powerful software applications are included.