Real Estate

Real Estate Software is a cost-effective solution to manage transactions with low risk. This application is built using mature technology which utilizes best practices for real estate investing. These solutions provide critical alerts for investors and business analytics to help with decision making. Automated processes improve control and visibility while providing automation of the following:

• Real estate management
• Transaction management
• Capital project management
• Contract management
• Maintenance and service management
• Facilities, space and asset management

Title & Escrow Production

Solutions for title and escrow production provide features you expect for a real estate product. Automate tasks and build workflows which are based on personal or business needs. Title rate management is part of the solution, which includes tracking tools for curative ant title clearance, policy generation and generation of commitment and title reports. The interface is easy to use.

Workflow and Automation Management

This system is consistent and easily accessible with a solution to replace paperwork with automated processes. Efficiency is improved while errors are reduced.

Vendor Management

This solution is designed for vendors which is administered to partners, along with the sellers and buyers and clients. This program includes advanced filtering technology with assignment based on weighting, capacity, scoring and restrictions to protect clients. The result is reduced frustration with increased loyalty from clients.

Document and Template Management

This system manages all kinds of documents.


This software allows users to manage properties around the world through a single online platform.

Sales Reports

Users can track and analyze performance and KPIs on individuals or teams. Clients are auto-matched to properties based on specific parameters.

Manage Property Listings

Centralized control on all property listings which allows updates and edits of information to occur anyplace and at any time.

Pre-Trade Solutions:


This solution is self-service and able to access historical data almost instantly with flexible data delivery.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

Software methodology which provides analysis of what-if scenarios from the market.

Post-Trade Solutions:

Stream MAX

This software technology is a productivity database and tool, which may be integrated into other resources for the management of types of assets on a sole platform. This solution automates maintenance operations which include scheduling, preventive maintenance, labor management, work orders, expense tracking and reporting.

Enjoy real-time visibility into usage of assets with Stream MAX to extend the life of capital equipment while improving the return on assets and deferring new purchases.

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

Monitor compliance with regulations

Over 50 powerful software solutions are included