Currency Exchange

This software is a comprehensive solution which is both convenient and efficient for both individual and corporate users. These users manage and conduct money market transactions and multiple currency transactions within their portfolios.

Experience robust pricing through risk management systems

Full range of functionality to improve efficiency of transactions while improving visibility of data

This software allows users to complete a transaction as anonymous or through disclosure.

• Range of currency pairs provide pricing comparison and high liquidity
• May be able to create multiple liquidity streams which are custom to each trader’s needs
• Multiple transaction types
• Centralized methodology for trade management

High Liquidity and Price Comparison

Straight-through processing is completed through order management system which helps to create a more efficient workflow while reporting throughout the organization.

Fulfillment of Transactions

Support is provided for foreign currency exchange solutions. Software may be integrated into other systems to prevent repetition of work.


Software enables users to select permissions and approvals which will work across multiple locations to improve security.

Escrow & Transactions Completion

There is an increased amount of comfort with the software when making foreign currency exchange with escrow and payment protection service. This powerful software enables compliance checks of the regulatory watch lists with reviews of matches and live-stop capabilities. Robust compliance reporting ensures users receive essential information to conduct successful transactions.

Workflow Management

Ability to manage inventory position by tracking transactions almost instantly.

Foreign Checks

This software is a complete platform to enable clearing of foreign checks.

Pre-Trade Solutions


This solution is a self-service with the capability to access historical data quickly through flexible delivery of data.

Max Guide

This software is advanced and enables users to implement algorithms that are backed by a market-making engine. It includes the following features:

Proximate posted to top of book with both the option of passive and aggressive strategies.

Advanced Risk Analysis Module (RAM)

This software methodology is sophisticated enough to provide analysis of what-if scenarios for the market.

Post-Trade Solutions


Post-trade flows direction through the software

Global Regulatory Archive (GRA)

This program monitors compliance with regulations

There are more than 20 other software solutions.