Automobile Trade

This software is useful for finding vehicles online and buying or selling them. It provides documentation of the process and arrangements for transportation of the vehicles as well as purchase funds which are held in security within one location which is easy to access. A complete communication history is available to either the buyer or seller at all times. Payment is verified before title insurance is ordered or provided to the buyer. This solution provides analytics and critical alerts while automating processes to improve visibility and control. Experience automation of:

• Comparison of prices via the Average Price System
• Clearance, Title & Escrow Production
• Management of tasks for dealerships with functionality that allows automation of tasks to create optimal workflows dependent on the business’ needs. Clearance tracking tools, reports generated for title commitment and title rate management.
• Payments being distributed and settlement
• Classified posts
• Vehicle inspection report which provides reports instantly that provide analysis and tracking of every transaction
• Search optimization which guides clients to the vehicles through auto-match from specific parameters.
• Arrangements for transportation

Pre-Trade Solutions:


Solution which provides historical data almost immediately with flexible data delivery

Advanced Risk Analysis (RAM)

Software which analyzes what-if scenarios in the market

Vehicle E-Inspection

Software uses real-time data and storage for inspection while issuing reports and distributing data. Information is generated that is both accurate and detailed about the true condition of the vehicle.

CarDeMo App

Sellers utilize this app to show their vehicles to prospective buyers. Buyers watch a presentation from a computer or other digital device from anywhere in the world.