Membership in Pre-configured Systems

We connect both individuals and businesses who have become members to allow them to trade and invest in a safe environment. They can manage their ROIs and raise capital in a secure way. We offer comprehensive solutions along with independent Clearing and ongoing surveillance for regulatory and financial safeguards. We also provide risk evaluation tools to assist with decision making.

Our focus is on developing an innovative product with tools to provide risk calculations in what-if scenarios. Our software offers auto reporting, auto notification and the ability for our customers to make informed decisions. We leverage our core strengths to continue to develop new aspects to the software which will serve our customers in global markets.

The core strengths of our products include:
• Clearing and risk management
• Portfolio management
• Secure transactions
• Data compilations


Membership in the pre-configured software division provides certain privileges, including discounted fees for transactions. Each Software Division is independent of the offering and requires a unique subscription.

Users may select between Full, Corporate, Individual and Custom Memberships. Each type of membership is uniquely designed to meet the needs of users. The Clearing is part of all software offered for every member.

Contact us to apply for membership.

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