New Grayscale Research Finds Over a Third of American Investors are Considering Buying Bitcoin

In its report, Grayscale’s core research team points out that as education regarding Bitcoin and blockchain tech continues to grow and spread, we will see more and more investors

  • A study facilitated by crypto asset manager Grayscale has revealed that a little over one third of all American investors are currently “interested” in buying bitcoin
  • Of these interested individuals, a majority of them are not millennials, rather middle aged men and women who lie in the “middle class” economic strata.

As per a recent study conducted by Grayscale and market research firm Q8, over one third of America’s investors (lying between the ages of 25 and 64) are open to the idea of putting their money into Bitcoin. To be a bit more specific, the research shows that there currently exist a total of 21 million individuals in the U.S. who, if given the right opportunity, would like to invest in bitcoin.

Around 36% of all Americans are keen on buying Bitcoin. However, a lack of regulatory uncertainty and other similar issues are keeping them from going through with their investments.

Around 68% of those individuals who are interested in investing in Bitcoin claim that the reason they are staying away from the asset is because of its association with criminal activities.

Till date, a total of $1.39 billion has been stolen from various crypto exchanges.

As things stand, it is still quite unclear as to how Bitcoin will be regulated in the future and whether or not cryptocurrencies actually fall under the purview of today’s securities laws. In this regard, the United States Senate Banking Committee is all set to convene a meeting on blockchain regulatory frameworks at the end of the month (July 30th to be exact).

A quick look at Grayscale’s latest research piece shows us that the people who are most interested in purchasing Bitcoin are not America’s youth, rather most crypto investors seem to be in the ’30s and earning salaries of around $100k per year. Some of the most appealing facets of Bitcoin that seem to be attractive to many investors is the fact that small chunks of the flagship asset can be bought with ease. Not only that, BTCs growth potential and scarcity are also quite appealing to the masses.

According to Grayscale’s hypothetical simulations — which were carried out over a time period of Sept. 25, 2013, to June 30, 2019 — by “adding just 5% in bitcoin to a simulated global 60% stock and 40% bond portfolio more than doubled cumulative returns from 41.9% to 90.9%.”