KPMG Auditing Firm Identifies Talents for Blockchain Space

The Big Four auditing firm KPMG has recently released which are the top four skills that an individual must have for a blockchain-related career. The press release was shared by the company to Cointelegraph on May 16.

KPMG Says Companies Need Multifaceted Teams

KPMG explains that companies are going to invest increasing amounts of money in blockchain technology during this year. However, in order to succeed, these firms will need multifaceted teams that go beyond technologists. It is important to have professionals with technology literacy and business knowledge that will potentiate their abilities.

When companies want to develop specific processes in businesses, they will need individuals and experts capable of dealing in the business industry. Technological literacy is also important because it is important to understand how blockchains operate and work and which is their connection with other sectors.

KPMG suggests that professionals should also have data analytics skills to understand and apply data that is derived from a blockchain. Furthermore, these employees must have a “hacker mentality” through which they will be able to deal with different challenges and problems from multiple perspectives. This would clearly increase the success of the firm in dealing with a wide range of issues.

KPMG has also released a new survey that shows that 48 percent of C-level executives believe distributed ledger technology (DLT) is going to have an impact on their business in the next few years. Moreover, 41 percent of the respondents mentioned that they are going to use the technology and 23 percent said that business efficiency would also improve with different DLT systems.